Executor & Trustee

We offer below services in trustee & executor cell of our Bank -

1) Preparation & Management of Private & Public Trusts.
2) Preparation of "WILL"
3) Execution of "WILL"
4) Safe Custody for "WILL"

Private Trust:

A Private Trust constituted for the benefit of one or more individuals who are, or within a given time may be, definitely ascertained.

Public Trust:

A Public Trust is constituted wholly or mainly for the benefit of Public at large, in other words beneficiaries in the Public trust constitute a body which is incapable of ascertainment.


A Will is a legal declaration by which a person names one or more persons to manage his or her estate and provides for the distribution of his property at death.

Why to choose our services:

1. Protection of your wealth
2. Reliability, transparency, stability and objectivity
3. Perpetual existence
4. Years of Professional experience